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FileBuddy to version 7.5 to manage all the features of your files on X and 9

SkyTag yesterday announced the availability of version 7.5 of FileBuddy.

The software, one of the most popular Mac products, is used to edit file and folder information, search for documents on HD using very sophisticated criteria, manage aliases and much more.

Version 7.5 features numerous new features including the complete rewrite of the search module, a plug to be used with the finder search.

Now also different types of folders can be excluded from the search (such as those of the operating system) and the search can also be applied in upper and lower case. There is also a function that limits the number of elements listed in the search result.

SkyTag also points out that numerous changes have been made to the code that is now more efficient and more compatible with Mac OS X.

FileBuddy, which costs $ 49.95, also compatible with Mac OS 9.

FileBuddy in Italian for now stopped at version 7.2.1, however already compatible with Mac OS X.Read more …