Fiber optic coverage: how to check if you can get the fiber at home

Fiber optic coverage: how to check if you can get the fiber at home

Optical fiber coverage

Do you want to subscribe to a fiber optic subscription with an ultra-fast connection but don't know how to check if you can exploit it at home? Before throwing yourself headlong into the first Internet offer with optic fiber included, you can carry out targeted checks to find out if you are covered by optical fiber in your street or in your city. In this guide I will show you how to check fiber optic coverage, so that we can enter into a new contract in all serenity.

Optical fiber coverage

Before checking if you can get the fiber at home, you should definitely know that operators tend to offer fiber optic contracts even if you could actually use a different technology.

Optical fiber or VDSL?

Optical fiber coverage

The "real" fiber optic is called FTTH, that is the optical fiber (the special cable with which you surf on the internet) arrives inside the house. In these cases, additional work is needed to get this cable to the telephone socket in the house wall, where it will completely replace the old copper cable. With this technology you can have the maximum advertised speeds, including the fabulous 1000 Mega in download (obviously depends on the city where you live).

The "alternative" optical fiber is actually one FTTC (most common) or FTTB (rare), which for operators is in any case considered optical fiber when a contract is stipulated. This technology brings the fiber optic to the telephone cabinet (present in the street or near a residential building), then continues to your home with the normal copper wire. This mixed technology (also known as VDSL) still allows you to get speeds higher than the classic ADSL: up to 100 Mega in download (in reality the speeds tend to be lower, close to 50 Mega).

So take an eye when you sign a fiber contract: ask explicitly which technology will be used to bring fiber to your home, you could avoid nasty surprises.

TIM fiber optic coverage

To check the coverage of the optical fiber of TIM (formerly Telecom Italia), all you need to do is reach the following website.

LINK | TIM coverage

On the site that opens, just press the button Check ADSL and Fiber coverage.

Enter now in the fields you see all the information on your physical home address: street, town, province, post code and street number. Enter the security code you see in the image and press Check. If the address surveyed by TIM you will know immediately if you can get the fiber at home.

Fastweb fiber optic cover

Are you attracted to Fastweb offers? Then check if you are covered by this operator's optical fiber using the website proposed in this link.

LINK | Fastweb coverage

Optical fiber coverage

Enter in the fields on the page the name of your municipality of residence, the street, the street number and any telephone operator to which you are now tied (you will also be asked for the telephone number in that case). To search, just press the button Check availability.

Infostrada fiber optic coverage

Know the Infostrada simple fiber optic coverage, just visit the following page.

LINK | Homepage Infostrada

From the Infostrada homepage you will immediately be shown the fields to be filled in to check the fiber optic coverage. Type all the fields and press Check Availability or, if you already have a home number, click on I already have a number and provide the landline number you have to make the search even more precise.

There is an alternative to verify the fiber optic coverage of Infostrada; it uses the Open Fiber network, managed together with ENEL, for its optical fiber. To learn about the network coverage of the optical fiber of this operator, please visit the following link.

LINK | Infostrada coverage

Optical fiber coverage

Scroll down the page to find the map of the cities covered by the fiber optic network. Choose your municipality and enter the address where you live in the next screen (if your city is obviously included in the available ones).

Optical fiber coverage

Vodafone fiber optic coverage

Vodafone allows you to control the coverage of the optical fiber from a dedicated page.

LINK | Vodafone coverage

Optical fiber coverage

In this site you will be able to select the region, the province and the municipality to see if you are reached by Vodafone's optical fiber.

Even Vodafone uses as a fiber network the one offered by Open Fiber, so to verify in detail the fiber optic coverage of Vodafone is the same procedure seen for Infostrada!

Visit the following link.

LINK | Vodafone coverage

Optical fiber coverage

On the page you will find a map and a list of cities covered by Open Fiber. Choose your municipality and indicate the way to carry out the verification.

Optical fiber coverage

Alternative site to check optical fiber coverage

Not satisfied with the verification systems made available by the various operators? Do you want to know if you will have the FTTH or will they offer you a VDSL at most? You can get this valuable information by visiting the site Fibermap, available at the link below.

LINK | Fibermap

Optical fiber coverage

On the page that opens, choose the region, the municipality, the street and the street number where you live. You will get detailed information on the cabin that serves your home:

  • the condition of the ADSL line (often saturated due to the numerous connections);
  • whether or not you are covered by optical fiber;
  • If you can get the FTTH or only the VDSL (FTTC or FTTB).

Below is an example of a search carried out at my address.

Optical fiber coverage

In my case I am not yet covered by the FTTH, so for now I can dream about the maximum speeds promised by the commercials. On the other hand for VDSL available, with very high top speeds and completely comparable to the FTTH! To get additional information, just click on the button Detail present next to each available item.

Optical fiber coverage

In my case I will have an estimated speed of 68 Mbps in download and 22 Mbps in upload, but also considering the distance from the cabinet (350 meters) realistic to think that the speed will be close to 50 Mbps in download and 20 megs in upload.

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