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Few change for Be's shareholders

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Few change for Be shareholders logomacitynet1200wide 1

The shareholders who believed in Be a few years ago, including those who had invested large amounts in the financial market, will find themselves with few dollars in their hands. What was a widespread feeling when the assets of Gassee's company had been sold to Palm now become a certainty. Yesterday, in fact, Be's management announced that it has put on sale the 11 million dollars of securities which, once the debts they incorporate have been paid, will result in a "remainder" of 3.8 million dollars , in fact 10 cents per share has calculated the Security Exchange Commission, about 200 lire, in short, a few pennies. Shareholders, on paper, may also not accept Be's plan, refusing the merger with Palm. In this case, for the outcome it would be nothing more than not to take home the few dollars they would have from accepting the project. In fact, Be would be forced to declare financial distress and the shareholders would not take even a cent.We remind that the incorporation project by Palm provides for the acquisition of all Be technologies (particular interest is BeIA, a reduced version of the Be system capable of running on PDAs and offering multimedia capabilities) and almost all the staff (about sixty employees) Gasee, in 1996 had refused an offer to buy for $ 125 million made by Apple. A deal of considerable proportions considering that Be did not yet have a complete operating system. Gassee, who had been among the top executives of Cupertino, refused and Apple turned to NeXT led by Gassee's friend Steve Jobs. MacOs X is based on NeXT Step, lower, some claimed at the time, at BeOs.

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