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Feral, two new Mac games

Two new games are about to arrive on the Mac desktop. To bring the news, once again, Feral Interactive, one of the most active companies in the field of videogame fun for our platform.

The first game will be Total Immersion Racing, an adventure that projects us into the world of racing. Driving super-powerful cars we will have to carry out our entire career, from racing novice to the role of world champion, fighting against other drivers just as determined as we are to achieve victories and ring trophies. What sets Total Immersioon Racing apart from other games is the quality of artificial intelligence. Our opponents remember what happens in previous races, have a very specific personality and driving style and operate in consequence of it.

Competitions are held on well-known circuits including Hockenheim and Monza. During the game, mechanics are scheduled to increase or "fix" the machines, qualifying practice sessions and even the presence of team managers and stables who offer to hire you.

The second title, even more intriguing, Republic The Revolution.

Developed by Elixir Studios one of the most ambitious projects in recent years. In fact, the game is a mixture of simulation, RPG and action in which the part of the leader of a political faction who tries to overthrow the president of a republic (presumably) of the former USSR, Novistrana is played.

To succeed, all the weapons of the conspiracy will have to be used, from the riots in the streets, to intrigues to transversal alliances with other factions, sometimes allied, sometimes anemic, to murders. All managed by a new generation graphic engine that allows the simulation of a complete city of inhabitants, squares, buildings, vehicles and every imaginable object. All actions and operations influence the behavior of opponents and public opinion which operates accordingly to the point of allowing you to become president or expel yourself from the country or, worse, kill you.

Feral has not yet released the release dates for the two games.

Remember that the English company has always localized its titles in Italian and has a particular focus on the European market

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