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Faucet, television and radio on-demand, online and on-the-go.

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Faucet a very convenient free online service that allows you to record radio and TV programs remotely, and then transfer them to portable devices, such as iPod, PSP or mobile phones.

The simple procedure: create your account starting from this page of the site, enter the service, choose the radio or TV channel, select the time slot, any repetition of the recording and the format of the same (iPod, PSP or 3gp) .

Voil! The next day, just go back to Faucet and you will have your file to download and play where and when you want. Even more comfortably, you can regularly make your downloads via pod / vodcast on iTunes: baster so update iTunes regularly to download the reserved programs , without necessarily having to connect to the service via a browser. Just one click and they will pass on your iPod. You will no longer miss an episode of your favorite program: there are many radio and television channels, Italian and otherwise.

Curious to find out more details, we made an interview with Giorgio Bernardi of Inrete, the company behind which the creators of Faucet are hidden: you can find it on this Macitynet page.