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Fantasy: an MMO coming to iPhone and Touch

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Fantasy: an MMO coming to iPhone and Touch –

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Lemon, a Korean company that develops online games, has announced a 3 billion won agreement (equal to about 2 million euros) for the publication of Fantasia, its Massive Multiplayer Online Game created for the smartphone market. Costing the developers about 4.5 million dollars and five years of work, Fantasia aims to offer a unique multiplayer experience in the mobile field, heavily exploiting the connectivity via WiFi of the devices. The publication will be Com2uS, a reality already established in the sector of games for mobile telephony.

"It took years of development and over four million dollars to make Fantasia," says Hyo-Sung Yoon, CEO of Lemon. "I am quite optimistic, and I think the game will become a killer application for smartphones, thanks to its deep storyline and quality in gameplay." They are not known by release dates, although the first beta test sessions should begin towards the end of the year.

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