false reviews on tripadvisor

False reviews on TripAdvisor: blocked 1 million fake publications

Thanks to its first review report on reviews, TripAdvisor released figures for the year 2018 of 66 million reviews received globally

The suspicion of reading false reviews on TripAdvisor has been a commonplace for years. Some posts often seem to be clearly for or against tourist and catering establishments, to the point of provoking the thought of sensational fakes used ad hoc to praise or denigrate them within the community.

Thanks to your first review report on reviews, TripAdvisor released figures for the year 2018 66 million of reviews received, each examined, using an advanced fraud detection technology, to protect itself after having been overwhelmed years ago by the "fake review" scandal and by numerous disputes by experts. A courageous strategy, to defend its credibility, which the platform has decided to implement for some years, to make sure that the judgments respect the community guidelines.

False reviews on TripAdvisor, the 2018 analysis

false reviews on tripadvisor

The document states that during 2018 the site received 66 million reviews. All were analyzed using an advanced fraud detection technique and these 2.7 million reviews were subjected to further human evaluation by content moderators.4.7% of all reviews sent to the site were rejected or removed by advanced technology analysis by TripAdvisor or manually by the moderation team. The 2.1% was judged to be false and the majority of these (73%) were blocked before being published.

"Which means we have prevented more than 1 million false reviews to be published on TripAdvisor”, Says the report.

Of the amount of false reviews on TripAdvisor, 91% falls within the type that the company defines "positive influences", 6%"negative conditions" he is alone 3% for a fee. The most active countries on this last front I'm Russia with a high level, India but also part of Central Europe and the east and the United States with a medium-high level.

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The total contents considering the photos, were instead 155 million. The total number of judgments currently present now amounts to 760 million. Most users were European (53%), North American (23%), Asian (15%), South American (5%) and Middle Eastern or African (4%).