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Facebook's dad is unhappy with the iPhone

The pope of Facebook displeased with the iPhone – Macitynet.it

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Here's a pretty curious gossip news. According to the Silicon Alley Insider portal, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has published a message on his personal bulletin board to make known his latest purchase: an iPhone 3GS, purchased because his old Blackberry would have caused him some pain in the thumbs . In fact, from the message Zuckerberg seems to give the impression of wanting to make fun of Apple and criticize the poor battery life of the iPhone. "I purchased four chargers," he says, "so I can charge it anytime, anywhere."

The wanted mockery seems even more plausible since the young multimillionaire immediately stated that he could decide to switch to Android rather than buy iPhone 4. Furthermore, how come buy an old model when the new iPhone 4 pre-orders would start the next day?

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