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Facebook will no longer pre-install its apps on Huawei devices

A decision for the US market that comes despite the stop to the ban that has targeted the Chinese giant, but that in practice will not lead to a real block of applications

Huawei P30 Lite(Photo: Huawei)

After inserting Huawei in blacklist of markets in the United States, comes the Facebook's decision not to pre-install applications of their services on smartphones arriving on American territory.

In addition to the hype of a decision that, in all respects, follows the indications required by the administration of Donald Trump, there are some details to be specified. The decision of the social network giant co-founded by Mark Zuckerberg does not only concern the official software to access Facebook from smartphones and tablets with Android operating system, but also the other apps of the Menlo Park constellation such as Instagram, Whatsapp is Messenger.

The decision limited to the American market, where the call to purchase goods and services from local companies had been triggered for the Chinese brand (a call which, moreover, had been suspended for three months until August 19 next, with Facebook having no real obligation to block pre-installations). In any case, the stop to the apps already loaded will not concern trade outside the United States and will not consider Europe (therefore Italy) for example.

As reported by Reuters (and as easily understandable) the decision will not be retroactive, therefore the applications already installed on proprietary smartphones will continue to work.

However, baster download these apps from google play store, as apk (Android installer files) or from official sites to be able to use them without any problem.

You can call it a block, yes, but with all the necessary precautions since users will be able to continue downloading and using applications both on smartphones already released and on future ones. You will only lose the convenience of finding them ready for use on the newly purchased smartphone.

It remains to be understood why Facebook has decided to proceed to this stop, despite the suspension of the Huawei call for 30 days.


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