Facebook Instant Video

Facebook tests Instant Videos that are downloaded via Wi-Fi

Facebook Instant Videos downloads videos while connected to the Internet in Wi-Fi, so you can watch them later offline.

Facebook is testing a new feature, it's called Instant Videos and aims to make always available videos to watch, even when it does not indicate wasting data on your mobile plan to download them.

Facebook instant videos

I Facebook Instant Videos download various videos from Facebook while connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, so you can start them, already downloaded to your phone, when using the app.

Facebook Instant Videos seems to serve different purposes: first of all Facebook pays a lot of attention to the videos now and it could thus increase the views and improve the experience by using clips already present on the devices and therefore without waiting to see them. Downloading with a Wi-Fi connection also helps reduce data usage via mobile connection, thus encouraging the user to see more mobile videos on Facebook.

It is also possible that, as with Instant Articles, Facebook is trying to gain stronger control over the video ecosystem on the platform and could give publishers a series of benefits to push them to make videos that fall within the established guidelines. For now, however, it does not seem that Facebook is still moving in this direction.

Facebook instant videos: only a few for now

Facebook is testing Instant Videos with a small percentage of users using the Android app. There are no indications yet when this feature could be made available to everyone. Not even entirely clear how Facebook decides which videos are automatically downloaded, if they are those that are displayed at the top of the news feed due to the algorithm choices, or videos from the new Facebook video hub.

Instant Videos does not necessarily seem to be the best choice for everyone, as there are many devices that still have 16GB of memory for data storage and automatic downloading of video content by the app it could certainly reduce the space available in many smartphones in an unwanted way, although for others who have more free space and are concerned about their data plan it could be a great choice .

Facebook Instant Video

Facebook Instant Video, the tests begin