Facebook 2 billion users

Facebook reaches 2 billion users, an absolute record

Facebook has reached 2 billion users, an incredible achievement thanks also to the groups, so dear to Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook has 2 billion users: a milestone, there are now two billion people who, every month, connect to social networks and create communities. This goal was made possible thanks to the millions of small communities and people who share and contribute on Facebook, significantly, every day. Also for this reason the social Network and Mark Zuckerberg have recently focused on groups, a true engine of growth

Facebook users

Overall, there are over 1 billion users that use the Groups, more than 175 million people who share as reaction "love" and over 800 million people who like me every day on some content on FB.

The social network Networkcases this milestone with some new experiences for people on Facebook, including:Personalized Video (Good Adds Up Personalized Video): the social lancer launches a personalized video to celebrate everyone's contribution to making the world more united. You can view your video in your News Feed or by visiting this page

Facebook celebrates 2 billion users with Love

Celebrate the good that people do: Who will react to the post of a friend or relative with love, wish a happy birthday, or create a group, you will see a message of thanks in your News Feed.Sharing Good Community Stories:Sharing positive community stories: In the United States and on the dedicated page, inspirational stories of people using Facebook to bring communities together. Every day, people connect with each other, contribute to their local communities and help make the world a better place. More information also posts by Mark Zuckerberg.Facebook 2 billion users