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Facebook prepares an alternative operating system to Android

Facebook prepares an alternative operating system to Android

And the new headquarters dedicated to hardware devices is nearing completion

(Photo: Arun Sharma / Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

It seems Facebook is speeding up the time for the creation of its own alternative operating system to Android which could be used not only on wearable devices such as Oculus virtual reality headsets, but also on any smartphones and other devices branded by the social network that may come out in the future.

According to what reported by The Information, Mark Zuckerberg allegedly commissioned Mark Lucovsky to build a proprietary interface, one of the co-authors of Microsoft Windows Nt. Andrew Boz Bosworth, vice president of the hardware part of Facebook, confirmed the rumors, saying: “We really want to be sure that in the next generation there is room for us. But we don't think we can trust the market or competitors to reassure us that it is. And so we will do it ourselves. "

Having your own operating system brings several advantages given that first of all it eliminates the step of having to always rely on those who created it – Google, in the case of Android – having more freedom and expanding the horizons to be explored. The first application of the Facebook OS will be for i Oculus virtual reality headsets, but possibly also the much rumpled augmented reality glasses. In addition, it can be mounted on board various smart devices such as the Portal range.

But the big market is that of smartphones, which has already seen Facebook attempt a timid entry in 2013 with the Facebook Phone alias Htc Chacha which mounted a customized version of Android with a dedicated interface. It hasn't made a bang, but it doesn't mean it will retry in the near future.

To demonstrate how much you are focusing on Facebook branded devices there is the new one hardware headquarters which will be completed soon in the Californian town of Burlingame about twenty kilometers from the main office in Silicon Valley. Overlooking the ocean, it will occupy an area of ​​7.15 hectares and will host 4000 people, working on upcoming devices.


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