facebook portal frame

Facebook Portal, the smart digital frame arrives in Italy

Facebook Portal the new device for Facebook video chat, a smart display that will soon arrive in Italy too

Starting October 15, Facebook Portal devices will officially arrive in Italy. In addition to Portal and Portal +, released in the United States last year. In addition, the new Portal Mini and Portal TV will also be available.

Facebook Portal, what's the use?

The products of the Portal family, made in Facebook, are used to keep social network users in touch through calls and video calls. Voice recognition software is now commanded with Hey Portal, only in English for now, but will soon arrive in Italian. As mentioned above, it is mainly used for video calls, even on Whatsapp, but can also be used for games, videos, movies and TV programs.

facebook portal frame

When not needed to call, Portal acts as a frame for digital photos. It can show pictures and videos, as well as family and friends birthday reminders. Portal TV also allows you to watch programsand other Facebook Watch content also in conjunction with other connected people.

The features of Portal

Facebook Portal features Facebook Portal features

Facebook smart screens have a frame from elegant design in order to be perfect in every home and can be used both vertically and horizontally. Portal Mini has an 8-inch HD screen while Portal it has one of 10 inches and Portal + 15 inches.

Facebook Portal and Portal + smart displays with AI

The adaptive display adjusts the brightness and color according to the surrounding environment, so that video calls, photos and videos on Superframe are natural. Both Portal and Portal Mini have oneintegrated speaker, ideal for listening to music when not making calls.Portal TV can be placed above or below the TV to make immersive video calls and have the freedom to move during the call, continuing to be seen and listened to.

How much does Facebook Portal cost?

Facebook Portal and Portal Mini will begin to be sent to starting from October 15th, while Portal TV from 5 November. Portal Mini costs 149, Portal 199 and Portal TV 169. By purchasing two devices from the Portal family you can get a discount of 50 euros.

And the question of privacy?

Portal provides clear and simple settings for protect privacy and security. Camera and microphone turn off with a simple touch and a red light next to the lens indicates that they are off. For added security, Smart Camera is Smart Sound make use of AI technology that operates locally on Portal, not on Facebook servers.