Facebook paga 550 milioni di dollari per chiudere la causa sul riconoscimento del volto

Facebook pays $ 550 million to close face recognition lawsuit

After years of wars in court regarding the use of facial recognition, Facebook seems to want to end the action promoted against the social network by the American Civil Liberties Union, the non-governmental organization defending civil rights and individual freedoms in the States US.

Last year he agreed to stop using the photo scanning technology as the default, thanks to which he was able to create a face data model to automatically suggest the tags in the photos themselves. During the conference on the results, CFO David Wehner mentioned a general agreement, whereby Facebook will pay $ 550 million to close the face recognition lawsuit.

The plaintiffs sued on the basis of the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act, arguing that the Facebook service did not receive "explicit consent" from users before their data was collected. When asked about the possibilities of agreement, a spokesman replied clearly:

We decided to pursue an agreement because it was in the interest of our community and our shareholders to go beyond this

ACLU attorney Nathan Freed Wessler indicated the result as an example of what other states should do, stating that this case is a prime example of how states can take the initiative to protect their privacy rights. residents, despite Congress's failure to do the same.

Facebook pays $ 550 million to close face recognition lawsuit

According to one of the plaintiffs' lawyers, Jay Edelson, biometrics is one of the two main battlegrounds, together with geolocation, which will define privacy rights for the next generation:

We are proud of the team that we created and who have had the will to fight this crucial case for the past five years. We hope and expect other companies to follow Facebook's example and pay particular attention to the importance of our biometric information

The agreement will still have to be approved by the judge, but the will of the parties now seems to have been achieved.

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