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Facebook news section, agreement reached with publishers

Facebook bag Mark Zuckerberg wall street

Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, BuzzFeed News and Business Insider will have news on the social platform

We return to the Facebook news section. But this time it's serious.Facebook launches a new tab dedicated to news and, reportedly, the technology giant has already reached agreements with several leading publishers who will provide content.

According to the Wall Street Journal, News Corp. would have reached an agreement with the social platform to allow Facebook to use the news of the same newspaper (Wsj) and other newspapers of the group.

The other newspapers that they would agree to participate in the project are Washington Post, BuzzFeed News and Business Insider. There are rumors that the New York Times will probably also participate, although the terms have not been finalized.

Also according to the Wall Street Journal some news should be treated by a team of editors, others selected by an algorithm cheabbiner the interests of users with the offers of a wide range of content on politics, sports, health, technology, entertainment and other topics.

The Facebook news section will also lead to direct competition with news aggregation services offered by Silicon Valley rivals see Google and Apple.

Facebook has scheduled an event in New York on Friday with CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Robert Thomson, CEO of News Corp., the parent company of the Wall Street Journal publishing house.

What Zuckerberg said a few months ago

We talked about the role of quality journalism in building informed communities and of the principles that Facebook should use to create a news tab to highlight high-quality news, including the related business model and the ecosystem to support itZuckerberg wrote in the introduction to the conversation. In his conversation with Dpfner, Zuckerberg talked about creating a Facebook feature so that users who want more content related to news can get it and states that his company could have a direct relationship with publishers to make sure their content is actually available, if it really is a high quality content.

Facebook news section: compensation for publishers?

Facebook bag Mark Zuckerberg wall street

Some publishers will be paid license fees ranging from hundreds of thousands of dollars to lower fees, according to the report. The social media giant has tried to include news from about 200 publishers, although not all of them will be paid, again according to sources close to Menlo Park.

In short, Zuckerberg gives publishers a sort of license fee. And this is what he declared last April: It's definitely something I think we should think about, because the relationship between us and the publishers differs in how we show the content, based on the belief that it is high quality and trustworthy contentsaid Zuckerberg to Dpfner.

Zuckerberg has never mentioned any plan for any charges to Facebook users interested in reading such quality news on the platform and a person familiar with the idea said that the Facebook news section would be free.

Facebook had already tried it with the "explore" feed

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<p>Facebook has already hypothesized and partially tested the idea of ​​a dedicated news feed in the past. In the fall of 2017, for some countries, <strong>had moved almost all published material from publishers and other companies into a separate feed feed</strong>, but then abandoned the test in March 2018.</p>
<p>This time, Zuckerberg is not suggesting that Facebook should quarantine all the news in the new tab instead. <strong>would create a section for people who want to use Facebook as a favorite place for news</strong>, in a similar way to how it is doing with the video card.</p>
<p><em>One of the things I thought about with Facebook is how to make people who use our services and want to get more news content do it</em>said Zuckerberg. He also said:</p>
<h2><span class=Apple's moves

On the other hand, Facebook and Google are absorbing an increasing share of online advertising, which can make publishers open to any kind of proposal that can generate more revenue for them. Zuckerberg's proposal comes shortly after the launch of a new Apple news product, which should work through payment by users of $ 10 a month to have a sort of magazine Netflix. Apple has tried to convince publishers who generate daily news content to adhere to this offer, but the proposal was rejected by the New York Times and the Washington Post, who have challenged Apple's plan to maintain 50% of revenue and control most subscriber information. Apple has signed agreements with some news publishers, including the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times.

New update of the Google algorithm that rewards original news