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Facebook Messenger arrives on websites with the Customer Chat plugin

Facebook Messenger arrives on websites with Customer Chat, a plugin that allows visitors to chat with a person or a bot.

Facebook Messenger arrives on all websites witha plugin that allows visitors to a site to chat with a person or bot without leaving the website. The plug-in is called Facebook Customer Chat (Customer Chat), and one of a series of important changes just announced, part of the release of version 2.2 of the Messenger platform. The announcement was made by the Messenger manager, Stan Chudnovsky, on the stage of the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal.

Facebook Messenger arrives on websites with a plugin

Elements such as the push-to-send buttons or the plug-in for sending on Messenger have been available for websites for some time, but this is the first time that a plug-in for live chat is made available with a human or automated bot directly on the Web sites.

Facebook Messenger for websites: availability of Facebook Customer Chat

The Customer Chat – Customer Chat – will be available on desktop and mobile devices and currently in closed beta. Since conversations are synchronized, a conversation can start on a website and continue on Messenger. The first users include airlines such as KLM, Volaris and Air France.

The bots used on a website can be programmed to perform a series of jobs, such as sending status updates, scheduling an appointment, answering general user questions and providing automated services during the hours of business closure

Facebook Customer Chat technical features

Other important new features coming with version 2.2 include the integrated NLP in 10 new languages ​​and the opening of the Broadcast API in beta and the Handover protocol.

With the incorporation of Wit.ai tech, a company acquired by Facebook in 2015, the NLP incorporated last July was made available to English-speaking users. Today, integrated NLP is available in Chinese, Dutch, Polish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish and Vietnamese.

Custom NLP can also be integrated with a Wit.ai token.

The release of version 2.2 comes just after Salesforce announced its intention to launch a bot platform for customers next year. The Chat Client plug-in brings Facebook closer to the functions of companies such as (24) 7, LivePerson and others that provide live chat for conversations that take place within an application or website.

The Broadcast API provides companies with the possibility of sending individual messages to subscribers and in recent days Messenger has formalized plans to allow all companies to send sponsored messages.

Facebook Messenger Platform

Version 2.0 of the Messenger Platform launched at F8 in April brought with it new ways to discover third-party bots, including chat extensions, the Discover drawer for sponsored bots and the M Suggestions for bots suggestions from the smart assistant by Facebook, M.

The last major update of the Messenger platform arrived with version 2.1 in July.

The delivery protocol was initially made available in April, but now the availability has been extended to the whole world.

klm facebook messenger chat customers