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Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp down in Italy and in the rest of the world

Facebook, Instagram e WhatsApp down in Italia e nel resto del mondo

It had already happened in March, the three platforms down simultaneously. Today the errors found by the users (and also by me) have been:

  • Instagram
    • filters gone (Instagram without filters like Sanremo without controversy)
    • the Feed cannot be updated
    • not possible to post photos
    • no comment possible
  • Facebook
    • an error message is displayed for each like
    • the Feed cannot be updated
    • not possible to post photos
    • no comment possible
  • Whatsapp
    • it is not possible to download audio files (vocalons) but not even images and videos. On the other hand it is possible to send them.

To confirm the problem here is the tweet of the Facebook account (curious that they use Twitter):We are aware that some people have difficulty uploading files to our apps. We are working to get things back to normal as soon as possible.

The problems occur both on Android and iOS and it is not just Italy, on the contrary, Spain, France, United Kingdom and some parts of the United States are in the same situation. On the portal you can view the affected areas.

Obviously I am at work to solve the problem, but in the meantime what should we do? You could read these slightly revised proverbs:

  1. Better late than Internet Explorer.
  2. The devil makes the pans but not the electronic invoices.
  3. Don't put password 123456789 between wife and husband
  4. To think badly it becomes a sin, but almost always Tinder.
  5. Those who praise themselves take selfies.

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