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Facebook bought Giphy for $ 400 million

Facebook bought Giphy for $ 400 million

Facebook bought Giphy, one of the most famous and popular platforms dedicated to the creation, research and sharing of animated GIFs, according to Axios for about $ 400 million. The company formally joins the Instagram team: a choice that is reflected by analyzing the total traffic of the site. Facebook says that about 50% of the total comes from apps and platforms controlled by the Zuckerberg empire, and half of this (therefore 25% of the total, roughly) right from Instagram.

Facebook has integrated Giphy through the appropriate APIs in its services for years. Also on WhatsApp, the interface for inserting animated GIFs (tap on the emoji icon, to the left of the text field, and then tap on the bottom of the GIF text) uses Giphy. The same is true on Facebook and Messenger. For the moment, nothing will change: users will continue to be able to use Giphy as they have done so far and the same goes for the apps and sites that decide to integrate it. For the future, however, the stated goal is to improve the integration of the service with Instagram, so that it is easier for the user to insert GIFs both on Direct and in Stories.

In addition to the form of integration on various pages and platforms, we remember that Giphy is also available as an app in its own right on Android and iOS. These apps will also remain operational. Here are the download links:

  • Giphy | Android | Google Play Store, Free
  • Giphy | iOS | Apple App Store, Free