Facebook acquires Fayteq

Facebook acquires a German company for editing videos

Facebook acquires another company: the German Fayteq, its software capable of eliminating entire objects from videos

Facebook acquires another company in Europe: the German company Fayteq specializes in computer vision. With the launch of Facebook Watch, the video platform that actually competes with Youtube, investments in video technology and copyright protection are increasingly becoming frequent and impractical and we are probably only at the beginning.

What does Fayteq, the company acquired by Facebook

Technically Fayteq develops plug-ins for video editing applications, such as Adobe After effects, which do a very special thing: they allow you to delete objects from videos. In practice it is a software able to see and recognize objects in order to completely erase them from the videos. After the acquisition, the company Fayteq placed an announcement on its website saying that the products it developed were no longer available for purchase by the users, now all the technology owned by Facebook. How will it be used? Fayteq technology could be used in various video features such as Facebook Live or Stories or it could be inserted as a further possibility of video processing in Camera Effects, which includes (for example ) a tool for effects actually increased.Facebook acquires Fayteq

Facebook is getting more and more in the video

The videos are at the center, now as a different temple of Facebook strategies, but now with increasingly complex strategies. Before acquiring Fayteq, in fact, Mark Zuckerberg had also secured Source3, a company specialized in the recognition of content that violates copyright inside of user generated content platforms. In practice, a kind of hound against copyright violations, a sentinel to intercept online piracy.