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Exit the walls with Jump Out

Exit the walls with Jump Out

The review you will find in this post dedicated to a new game for Android: Jump Out. It is certainly one of the best pastimes for Android of the moment.

Let's see together what it is.

We are within four walls and we must be able to find the exit to escape the traps. Obviously, everything is not so simple: while we are looking for an exit we will continually be subject to various traps that will complicate our lives.

In all there are 140 levels and 30 objectives to unlock to improve your player's skills.

Pros: graphics and sound

It is certainly one of the best Android games in its best designed and best elaborated category. Occasionally there is a crash that forces the application to restart, but it happens very rarely.

Another very nice feature of this game is the sound. The soundtrack is truly fantastic and not at all stressful, as often happens in other games.

Cons: advertising

In our opinion, advertising is a little too invasive and often a little stressful.

They should decrease the frequency with which the advertising banners appear on the video of the tablet or smartphone.

Below is a 34-second video with a brief demonstration of the game.

The game available for almost all smartphones and tablets that support Android.

Brief evaluation


  1. excellent graphics
  2. excellent sound
  3. high number of levels and objectives


  1. intrusive advertising
  2. sometimes monotonous levels

Overall rating: 4.5 / 5

Go to the game download >>>

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