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EvoLV 1.04, easy streaming from Mac to mobile devices

EvoLV 1.0.4 a commercial application ($ 30) for live video streaming that uses the H.264 video format and AAC audio for data streaming. The application supports both RTSP over HTTMP and HTML5 HTTP Live Streaming. Streaming videos can be viewed from Safari, iPod Touch (3rd generation), iPhone 3GS and iPad without the need to install any applications.

The use of the software is very simple and not only allows you to stream audio and video from your Mac, it also supports audio and webcam as standard with your computer and any other compatible device: microphone, video camera, various audio / video devices. The trivial network configuration and you only need to configure port forwarding to the router (there is no real manual but on the site, in the FAQ section, indicated how to do it and there are also indications on how to behave if you are behind a firewall ).

The application also includes a Media Encoder with which you can re-encode H.264 / AAC files by automatically creating segmented files, m3u8 playlists and the HTML files necessary to view the media with HTML5 and HTTP Live Streaming.

It is possible to set username and password for access and set various effects (canvas size, opacity, horizontal and vertical reversal, etc.).

The application requires Mac OS X 10.6.x. A fully functional version for 15 days can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website.

(By Mauro Notarianni)