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Everything you need for Safari

He announced it during his keynote Steve Jobs and instantly became a download record: half a million in one day. It is the fastest on the Mac, it also beats many competitors on PCs, based on an Open Source engine adopted by Apple but whose improvements were immediately made available to the community of independent developers.

But these aren't just Safari's records. An ecosystem of developers who created customizations, utilities and add-ons was also born in record time. They are ten in less than a week, that is more than one a day. Not a little!

Let's see them quickly with a small caveat: we have not personally tested all the software in question, so – if you want to install them – do it at your own risk!

Let's start from Italy, with the localization in our language, also made in French, German, Czech and Hebrew.

FullScreenSafari allows you to eliminate the "cascading" effect of the new windows opened by the Apple browser, while Enhancer activates some features already implemented (remember that Safari is currently still a preliminary version of the program, even if it can be used) but not yet made available to users.

Safari's cache can be cleared, but not the small icons cache displayed next to the site name. This is now possible with Safari Icon Manager, which also allows you to navigate through its contents.

Finally, it is possible to remove the "metallic" style of windows with SafariNoBrush and edit the cookies collected by the browser while browsing thanks to SafariCookieCutter.