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EU, the Microsoft ruling in early 2003

EU, the Microsoft ruling in early 2003 – Macitynet.it

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The European Union plans to close the Microsoft case by the beginning of 2003. Antitrust Commissioner Mario Monti said in a report presented to the Strasbourg parliament in recent days.

Monti also specified that what happened in the USA must be distinguished from what will happen in Europe. The Union could seek different remedies for areas of different interest.

Recall that the European Union is investigating alleged monopolistic abuses perpetrated in the field of the relationship between servers and clients and in the integration of the software for multimedia playback Windows Media Player in Windows.

Microsoft claims that the remedy applied in the US should also show the way for European investigators.

If the European Union finds it guilty, it could impose a fine of 10% of its turnover on it, a figure that could be a few hundred million euros

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