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Eton P'9120, hi-end radio compatible with iPod

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For diehard radio frequency listeners, we found an interesting Eton accessory, enhanced by Porsche design and iPod compatibility. The accessory is the monolithic Pā€™9120, a high level radio for those who want the best from listening over the air.

From the cubic and robust shape, the front of the gadget dominated by three large knobs, for the management of the main controls, and by a space dedicated to the appropriate display. As mentioned, it will be possible to connect an iPod – even touch – via the separate dock.

The Pā€™9120 gives its best when listening to radio: AM / FM / Shortwave frequencies are available, improved performance thanks to the manufacture of the double-walled gadget and the metal remote control, equipped with lighting. All underlined by the performance of the high-end speakers and subwoofers.

The price, as well as the fame of the name, is of a high standard: about 600 dollars for this accessory. Not within everyone's reach but certainly of interest to radio enthusiasts who own iPods. To know the nearest distributor of Eton products we recommend visiting the official website.