ETiger S4 review: the very GSM and a little smart wireless security system

ETiger S4 review: the very GSM and a little smart wireless security system

After testing iSmart Alarm on Macitynet, the completely smart and DIY home burglar alarm system, Casaverdesmart eTiger S4 head, an alarm system similar in approach and installation, but different in operation. It is a little less smart, with its advantages and disadvantages. Here are which.

Package contents

The initial kit includes everything needed for correct operation. In addition to the motherboard, which also incorporates a 100 dB siren, there are two motion sensors, two for doors and windows, two remote controls and two tags, very useful for disarming the alarm quickly.

The first installation is rather simple, although a quick reading of the manual may be necessary. The first thing to best set the control unit, which requires some more attention than the sensors. Before understanding how to activate the entire system, we conclude by saying that the bundle also includes all the cables necessary for correct operation, such as those relating to the telephone line, the power supply for the control unit, and stickers to inform any attackers 24 hour protection.

First installation

As already mentioned, the first installation is simple, even if reading the manual will make it even easier. The first thing to do is to choose the type of operation: eTiger S4 can work with the traditional telephone line, with a SIM card, or with both. It is easy to understand that the last solution is the one that offers more security. Depending on the choice, it will therefore be necessary to connect the control unit to the telephone socket, or insert a SIM (in the standard large format), inside the appropriate compartment on the back. Always on the back, where there are the two 800 mAh support batteries, there is also the power socket, obviously to be connected to the wall. The two batteries will allow the control unit to function properly in the event of an electrical blackout.

After installing the control unit, it will be possible to position the sensors, those of movement and those for doors and windows, which will be immediately connected to the system, and will trigger the alarm, if they detect movements. The remote controls are also immediately functional, as are the tags, which are used to immediately defuse the alarm if you approach the logo on the control unit slightly.

GSM / call / SMS functionality

The main difference of eTiger, compared to an alarm system such as iSmart Alarm, the presence of support for the telephone or GSM line, which warns the user of any intrusion via SMS or traditional calls. This makes the idea of ​​a completely smart alarm a little less, but on the other hand it ensures greater security, since the alarm system will not necessarily be linked to the presence of the internet inside the property. While on alarms such as iSmartAlarm the possible absence of internet connection completely "KOs" the system, eTiger will continue to function correctly, as the availability of a telephone line or even just the SIM installed on the control unit is sufficient.

For correct operation, of course, it is necessary that the telephone numbers to be contacted are prepared in case the alarm is triggered. It is possible to set mobile or landline numbers for the call, or even mobile numbers to which to send SMS. We of course tested the system, always receiving all the communications sent by the alarm on time. After the trigger, just a few seconds pass before you receive the call or SMS that indicates the alarm status.

Advanced features

All the functions listed above fall within the basic use of the product, easy to start and put into operation. The eTiger kit, however, uses a lot of functionality, linked to a more professional functioning. It is possible, for example, to intervene on call cycles, so as to define the number of call attempts by the control panel.

It is also possible to remotely control the alarm via calls or messages: these are functions that are not too intuitive at first glance, but which are ultimately simple after careful reading of the manual.

In addition, each detector can be assigned to four different zone categories, which correspond to different protection modes: Home area , Delay area, Normal area is 24h area. With the Normal area, when the armed system, if a sensor is activated, the siren sounds. When the system disarmed, the sensors do not trigger any alarm. With 24h areahowever, regardless of whether the system is armed or disarmed, the sensors can trigger the alarm. This is because it is possible to expand the system, perhaps with smoke detectors, to trigger the siren even when the alarm is disarmed.

With theDelay area, the sensors will not trigger the alarm immediately, but only after the set interval. Finally, withHome area, the assigned sensors do not activate any alarm. This mode is used to have the system armed when you are at home, being able to move freely from one room to another, for example keeping only the sensor of the main entrance door active.

IOS / Android application

The presence of an application for iOS or Android smartphones makes the alarm smarter. This is not, however, the main reason for choosing eTiger.

The app, in fact, only a sort of mask, which by pressing individual virtual keys, sends SMS to the alarm, containing the text orders to be performed, such as disarming the alarm, arming it, setting certain modes, changing the system language , and more.

From a smart point of view, for example, we believe that iSmart Alarm is superior, which bases its entire philosophy on smart notifications and on the use of the app to activate settings, arm and disarm.

The eTiger system, on the other hand, pushes the user more to a traditional use, via remote control or control unit, also because otherwise it requires activating a packet SMS plan, both on the user's SIM and on that of the control unit.


The eTiger S4 alarm system is an excellent solution to protect your home, and that goes beyond the limits imposed by a system completely linked to the presence of the internet and electricity, such as iSmart Alarm. The one being tested is a traditional system, capable of alerting the user with SMS and calls, and of being in operation even in the event of a blackout. easy to install and intuitive in the operation of the basic functions, it requires study to use all the advanced functions.

The eTiger system is also purchased from Amazon; the basic configuration we tested has a cost of 169.99 EUR. The product distributed in Italy by Nital and you can also find it in many Apple Premium Resellers throughout Italy.


  • Value for money
  • Call / SMS functions
  • Internal removable batteries
  • Intuitive basic functionality
  • Tag for rapid disarming


  • The app is not too smart
  • Unintuitive advanced features