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EpicWin: a new way to play with your commitments

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EpicWin: a new way to play with your commitments –

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EpicWin probably one of the most interesting iPhone projects that has been given one of the most kitschy names. Made by a couple of developers, this is the most innovative application to keep track of their commitments ever made so far on Apple portable devices, and which promises to merge the usefulness of a personal agenda and the charm of goals and rewards to interior of video games. It must be said immediately that the idea is not unprecedented, since the Booyah Society application was based on very similar mechanics. However, the excellent graphics and the structure divided into missions to be completed and maps to be colored makes EpicWin truly unique.

The magic formula of the simple but ingenious application: every commitment carried out in real life allows your character to move forward on the game map; in every environment there are rare objects and treasures to be found, which can be shared with your friends via Facebook and Twitter. One wonders if and how it will be possible to prevent users from deciding to cheat, since in Booyah and similar applications there was no way to verify that a commitment had really been made. A release date has not yet been announced, but at the bottom of the article you will find the first and very original EpicWin trailer.

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