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Entourage X also in Italy

The "stand alone" version of Entourage X has also been officially announced for the Italian market.

The application, in fact identical to that available in the Office package, an e-mail client integrated with a PIM capable of performing the most disparate functions.

In addition to downloading mail, it organizes personal information, creates calendars, stores addresses, stores passwords.

Fully compatible with both the new OS and the Aqua interface, Entourage allows you to customize your messages by inserting images, backgrounds, sounds and movies or simply copy / cut text formatted from a Microsoft Office document without losing the options selected in the document original (font, text size, bulleted lists, graphs and tables).

The PIM section allows you to keep an eye on the list of appointments thanks to the possibility of selecting the daily, weekly or monthly display mode and allows you to view all the warnings in a single window, even when Entourage or other Office programs are not running .

Finally, Entourage X presents a significant improvement in performance in the search and execution of operations thanks to the enhancement of the storage functions which makes the organization of information even more efficient even in the presence of large amounts of data.

Microsoft plans to make Entourage X available for purchase in our country within the next month at an estimated retail cost of 159.99 euros.