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End of year rumors: Microsoft will buy Macromedia?

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Can Macromedia end up under Microsoft's control?

Persistent rumors about this come from California, from the hi tech sector where it is claimed that frantic maneuvers in this direction have been underway for a few weeks.

In particular, Microsoft would aim to "bring" Macromedia home to use its Web technologies in order to increase the probability of market success for .NET.

Flash, in fact a standard for web multimedia, and the ColdFusion development environment, the latter far superior to Microsoft's Active Server Pages, would represent a very powerful tool for the strategies that Microsoft proposes with .NET.

The acquisition of Macromedia would be a serious blow for those who have always appreciated the cross-platform choice of Internet development and interactivity tools cultivated by the San Francisco company. In fact, there is no doubt that Microsoft would hardly keep the current "agnosticity" of Flash MX and ColdFusion MX alive. Theoretically Flash could be compatible with Internet Explorer only, for example.

In parallel, a Macromedia that would end up under Microsoft's protective wing would also be a serious blow, some observers point out, to Java's hopes of success. ColdFusion, for example, compiles its tags in Java and Macromedia has always presented its tools as a good way to create Java applications without venturing into the complexity of Java. In recent statements Flasx MX and ColdFusion MX had been presented as an access portal through which 300,000 developers would pass through Java.

The climb to Macromedia would be made easier by the non-thriving situations in which the company's balance sheets are placed.