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Email stolen from AT&T, now also investigates the FBI

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In the story of the hole in the security of AT&T that would have exposed a long series of email addresses of iPad users, including some VIPs, it becomes complicated and sees a new protagonist: the FBI. The federal agency for the investigation of criminal cases entered the scene during the evening yesterday, American time, when a spokesman made official the opening of a case aimed "to verify the terms of the matter that led to an intrusion into a computer system".

Who the objectives of the investigation are, the FBI does not say it ("we are at very preliminary stages", the spokesman underlines) but it is probable that the starting point will be the testimonies of AT&T and at a later stage the representatives of the controversial will be heard Goatse Security hacker group that in collaboration with Gawker Media, has publicized the bug. Escher Auernheimer, a Goatse Security representative in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, claims that he was not interviewed by the FBI and in any case that he did nothing illegal: "We only discovered a way of seeing information that AT&T had already made public ; we did a public service. " Auernheimer also reiterated that he had waited for AT&T to fix the bug before giving visibility to it. As for the publication of information on Gawker Media, publisher already on a collision course with Apple for the story of the iPhone lost in the bar and purchased by its magazine Gizmodo, Goatse Security claims that it was the only publisher to have agreed to collect what the group discovered.

Meanwhile, some experts, including some certainly not too tender with Apple like Charlie Miller, point out that the affair has nothing to do with the security of the iPad: "The data stored in the device – Miller says to Reuters – have not been compromised or been the device itself. The bug, however, very elementary and the leaking of non-serious information, in my opinion "" I can imagine that this bug – says George Kurtz, McAfee's chief technology officer in a blog – had all this evidence for in the end we are talking about Apple. The attention around their incredible products. However the reality that this type of hole is not new and happens continuously "

What for was and remains certain that, whatever happened and how it happened, from all the story who does not come out strengthened AT&T. The image of the American mobile operator already degraded in the eyes of Apple customers and such a fool certainly does not contribute to improving it. The relations with Apple certainly do not improve either, for now strictly in silence, they have not been at the top for some time.