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eMac: "keystone" for Videomaker Magazine.

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eMac: "keystone" for Videomaker Magazine. –

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The eMac for Videomaker Magazine is the "keystone" product under $ 2,000 as a hardware solution among digital editing systems, not only the DVD authoring system (iDVD 2) that the eMac incorporates the "easiest" one to use in the whole market. The reviews that the magazine attributes to the hardware and software set are very positive: "iDVD has no comparable system on the market that is so easy to use and so low in price". functionality to the application in version 3 with the update to iLife available from the end of Gennsio which increases the interaction that the iApps multimedia the system has all the features to attract new users.

A summary of the other awards: Panasonic AG-DVX100 (Best Mini DV Camcorder Over $ 3,000); Canon GL2 (Best Mini DV Camcorder $ 2,000 / 3,000); Sony DCR-PC120BT (Best Mini DV Camcorder $ 1,200 / 2,000); Sharp VL-MC500U (Best Mini DV Camcorder Under $ 1,200); JVC GR-SXM740 S-VHS-C (Best Analog Camcorder); Sony DCR-IP220 MicroMV (Most Innovative Camcorder); Laird DV now AVID Xpress DV 3.5 (Best Turnkey Editing System Over $ 6,000); 1 Beyond 660 SE + Canopus DVStorm System (Best Turnkey Editing System $ 2,000 / 6,000); Apple eMac (Best Turnkey Editing System Under $ 2,000); DVGear DVMobile Pro Dell Latitude C840 (Best Editing Laptop); Edirol DV-7 (Best Standalone Editor); Pinnacle Bungee DVD (Best External Capture Device); Matrox RT.X100 (Best Real Time Capture Hardware); Adobe Premiere 6.5 (Best Video-Editing Software Over $ 100); Pinnacle Studio 8 (Best Editing Software Under $ 100); Canopus ProCoder (Best Compression Tool); Boris FX 6.1 (Best Effects Plug-in); Sonic ReelDVD 3.0 (Best Advanced DVD Authoring Software); Ulead DVD Workshop (Best Intermediate DVD Authoring Software); Dazzle DVD Complete (Best Introductory DVD Authoring Software); Apple iDVD 2 (Easiest DVD Authoring Software); Sonic Foundry ACID PRO 4.0 (Best Music Creation Software); Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro 2.0 (Best Audio Editing Software); Carvin SM162 Studio Mate (Best Audio Mixer for Video); Road Rags Light Control Kit (Best Production Accessory) and ShuttlePRO Multimedia Editing Controller (Best Post-Production Accessory).

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