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Eight months in Mafiaboy

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Eight months at Mafiaboy logomacitynet1200wide 1

Mafiaboy, the Canadian boy who terrified the world's leading Internet companies over a year ago by launching a massive DOS attack, sentenced to eight months. At the time of the minor and whose name under Canadian law cannot be disclosed, the young man had pleaded guilty to 55 indictments and will be locked up in a correctional institution for minors, serving his sentence entirely. Subsequently Mafiaboy will have to be observed for another year. The event happened in February 2000. Using a well-known technique and flooding the servers of some large companies such as Amazon, CNN, AOL and Yahoo with requests for pages, all after having enslaved some servers of American universities, Mafiaboy had caused damages for 1.7 billion dollars, about 4000 billion lire. The culprit's discovery had occurred by monitoring some Internet chats where Mafiaboy boasted of his exploits.

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