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eFootball PES 2020 – Xbox ONE: all the news

eFootball PES 2020 – Xbox ONE: tutte le novità

eFootball PES 2020 finally available and represents a new starting point for one of the most important football sagas in the world.

There are so many new possibilities in the new Master League, which remains the most popular mode in the series. The most important innovations in the various modes are these:

  • from the beginning of the game you have the possibility to choose a real digitized character, you can choose between prominent figures from the world of football like Maradona, Gullit, Zico or others. You don't have the possibility to create avatars but you won't miss them because the representations are really very real.
  • You have the chance to live different kinematics and prepare for important football events, such as the start of the preseason or the cup final. Furthermore, most cutscenes allow you to interact with multiple choice dialogues. Everything succeeds in raising the level of identification in the game and in making everything even more engaging and adrenaline.
  • Among the important innovations there is the offline mode, to play friendly matches and leagues with friends.
  • Also there career mode has had a good evolution, even if some work remains to be done to make it more varied as situations. It seems that Konami has reviewed the algorithm of the players' buying and selling process. The career mode, concerns the games played, simulated and the managerial component of the football market, buying and selling players up to the exhaustion of the budget to use.
  • You can also find the mode Become a myth, if you feel more a player than a coach! In this mode you have the possibility to create an alter-ego and build your career as a champion by playing games and ending them with good performances.
  • New licenses have been acquired so that the Serie A can be included in the new PES 2020 as official championship and teams like Juventus, Manchester United, Arsenal and Bayern Monaco. Many important teams are still missing such as Liverpool and Tottenham, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, but if you want to play with real names and jerseys, you can change everything by entering the game customization option.

eFootball PES 2020: new in the game mechanics

eFootball PES 2020 compared to the already excellent previous versions makes the gameplay more real, fluid and electrifying, thanks to the new features in the game mechanics.

  • Finesse dribbling: allows more dynamic game action. Dribbling and smart tricks during attack and counterattack actions, thanks to the new mechanics signed by Konami and Iniesta.
  • Inspire: already seen with PES 2019 has had an improvement in the reproduction of the movements of those talented players with unique movements in the real game, such as Messi, Ronaldo, Pogba, Dybala etc. In PES 2020 these players with unique and personal movements are reproduced in a manner very similar to the real and not only visually in the image but also in the movements.
  • First Touch Impact: improved to reproduce the first ball control during a long or low pass even more realistically. This renewed mechanic is particularly noticeable during frenetic games and fast passages, thus guaranteeing the game a more fluid and realistic ball movement.
  • Even the physics of ball been revised, making the ball movements consistent with the shot.
  • The Goalkeepers have had a good evolution, now they do their duty, they try to parry even the difficult balls, they only get in trouble with off-field shots and only with some game actions.
  • Arbitrage, in the game as in reality, the referee tries to keep up. Balanced in the choice of cards sometimes it does not whistle obvious faults. The improvement certainly improved but it is still slow on fast stocks, there is still room for improvement.

eFootballPES 2020: very realistic

From a truly impressive visual point of view. The players of the most important teams are very similar to reality, thanks also to the 3D scan. The stadiums are really wonderful starting from the tunnel that takes the players to the locker room until they reach the playing field.

The atmosphere in the stadiums became lively and dynamic, the game with the rain or during other meteorological adversities involving and exciting. To capture even more the new camera that follows the action as on television.

The commentary, subjective as in reality, in the game you have the chance to not hear it and concentrate only on the game. In short, have fun with the new PES 2020!

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