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EasyCAP 1.0 to search for postal codes and telephone prefixes.

EasyCAP 1.0 to search for postal codes and telephone prefixes. – Macitynet.it

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EasyCAP an application that allows you to easily find the ZIP codes and telephone prefixes for all the municipalities of Italy. It has a very complete archive that includes even the smallest locations for a total of almost 15,000 municipalities. Multiple ZIP code, EasyCAP allows to obtain the correct code according to the street or square of reference. It has an archive of about 65,000 streets and squares and can report the intervals of house number for the streets that cover different ZIP codes.

In addition to this, for each municipality in the archive, the corresponding telephone area code and the abbreviation of the province to which it belongs are also indicated. The extremely simple and complete use of the User Guide.

EasyCAP in Carbon version, therefore usable with both classic MacOS (with CarbonLib) and with Mac OS X. The shareware application ($ 10) and can be freely downloaded from the Macron website starting from here.

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