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Easily share videos and photos between iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac with Transfr

Easily share videos and photos between iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac with Transfr


Transfr allows you to quickly send and share videos and photos from iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac

I point out a very interesting program for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac users.

Transfr, in fact, allows you to share photos and videos on the fly between all Apple devices in an easy, fast, intuitive and immediate way. Switch photos and videos from iPhone, iPad to Macwithout using iTunes or the USB connection it will be a breeze thanks to the Transfr program.

But let's see in detail how it works and what this Trans offers.

As we anticipated,Transfr allows you to share photos and videos via WiFi iPhone and iPad to your Mac. So if you don't have a USB cable available or don't want to use iTunes to transfer files from iPhone to Mac, you can transfer your media files easily and quickly between all your Apple devices and your Mac with Transfr. The only requirement will be that of install the Transfr program on both the Mac and your Apple device.

The program costs $ 2, but it is worth them all since it offers a clear, clean and simple to manage interface and performs its task perfectly. Interesting to note that supports both WiFi and bluetooth protocol to transfer photos and videos from iPhone and iPad to Mac.

After installing Transfr on your Mac, select the folder in which to save the files you will receive from the iPad or iPod. You can always change it from the program preferences. At this point the program will always be active and can receive photos and videos from your Apple devices at any time. Obviously the files must be sent to the Mac from the iPhone or iPad using the AppTransfr.

If you want to send photos and videos from the iPhone or iPad to your Mac, just start the AppTransfr, select the material to be sent and click on the "Send" button.

The program will automatically search for some Mac computer connected to the same WiFi network and send the files to your computer quickly and easily. The Mac will get it all without you having to do anything.

Transfr a really fast and intuitive program to use to send files from iPhone or iPod to your Mac without using the USB connection. The ability to use WiFi and bluetooth is very convenient.

A must-try program if you have a Mac and any Apple portable device. Here are the download links below:

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