Easier searches on Evernote, with artificial intelligence

Easier searches on Evernote, with artificial intelligence

The new frontiers of descriptive research: Zeesha Currimbhoy from Evernote explains them to us

(Photo: othree / Flickr CC)(Photo: othree / Flickr CC)

Evernote is the most popular software for collecting and storing notes and notes. But not only this: with the evolution of the web, mobile devices and with the entrance of artificial intelligence in the daily management of information and suggestions, even such an app changes. The Descriptive Search has recently been launched in English (and for now only for Mac), a completely new way to manage, search and store our documents.Descriptive researchmeans providing users with the information they are looking for even if they no longer remember the keywordsor even before they know they have to look for it. The software was developed on the possibility of describing with common words what we want: a complex system that makes research easier.

We talked about it with Zeesha Currimbhoy, 31, vice president and head of the augmented intelligence section of the Redwood City, California company.You will have studied the processes of memory: how do we remember things?

"We realized that people are looking for notes trying to remember the name with which they stored them. We find ourselves in front of the white search field, with the cursor flashing and if we do not have precisely the key word in mind, we do not find the information ”.

So what is the idea behind the descriptive research?

"We thought of a different way of doing research, going beyond the keywords. Evernote different from Google, a collection of memories, your life. We have thus developed a research method that respects natural language ".

Give us an example.

"Last week I went to dinner in San Francisco. Now I can find my things related to that experience by looking for "San Francisco", "dinner", "last week", "sushi", but also "San Francisco last week". all more natural, easy, beyond the logic of the usual human-machine interaction. Closer to the normal way of thinking ”.

Engineering and design, mathematics and psychology: how does the alchemy of these disciplines work in your work?

"Augmented intelligence and design follow logic very different from the usual engineering problems, but we must be able to integrate them, in the name of clarity and benefits for users. We must work in concert to produce things that adhere to mental processes. In this sense there is also the psychological component ".

The web and the various devices go to the personal assistant. What is the next level of human-machine interaction according to your vision?

"We have worked a lot for two years so far, focusing on extending the system. The next step is completing the task, ie getting to know our users thoroughly and further developing the world of Evernote, so that they stay inside because we are able to provide the right information at the right time, anticipating their intentions ".

Required question: when will we see the Descriptive Search in Italian?

"Now we are working on perfecting the system, after which, once everything has been tested and approved, we will be ready for versions in other languages. I believe, but I am not responsible for this productive aspect, which you will see in Italian next year" .


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