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DVD, the years of records

The DVD market will reach record highs at the end of 2002. The market analysis firm In-Stat says it is certain that it expects a 62% increase in sales by the end of the year compared to the previous year.

DVD players, which will reach 40 million units sold, are facilitated by the pervasiveness of their market. Computers, consoles, digital video recorders, cars, reproducers have made their appearance or have consolidated themselves practically everywhere.

The growth of the DVD market is expected to continue for several years, although a slowdown in the rate will occur. In 2006 the market will be stabilized and the increase in DVD penetration will be supported by DVD recorders

This year, home burning systems hit one million in 2002 but will reach 32 million in 2006 according to the figures provided by In-Stat. The growth rate will be very high from 2203 until 2005 with triple-digit numbers.

To facilitate the adoption of DVD burners will be the decrease in their cost which will drop to around $ 300 by the end of 2003 and perhaps even below if the competition proves to be particularly heated.

Among the most receptive markets there will be the European one which at the moment is less developed than the American one but which promises to regain lost ground as soon as possible.