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Dual 800 MHz server?

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Dual 800 MHz server? logomacitynet1200wide 1

Will Apple introduce a server version of the 800 MHz G4 next week? To support this thesis the usually well-informed The Register which cites anonymous but reliable sources.The machine would be the natural complement to the price list in force in these days which presents on the American market a 733 MHz single-processor machine and which arrived by surprise and without official announcements in the past weeks, disappointing the expectations of those who expected the introduction of a biprocessor. The thesis that a new machine can soon take the place of the 733 version, or perhaps join it, is also supported by the observation that in Europe the 733 server has not yet made its appearance twenty days after its presentation in USA. According to some sources, Apple may have delayed the introduction to the old continent by waiting for the availability of the dual version. If this hypothesis were true, the 733 server, also contested for its cost, which is not particularly competitive with the 'base' machines, could be a 'stopgap' 'whose definitive place would be taken precisely from the dual 800. The 800 Mhz server with dual processor, again according to The Register, would be announced and launched together with the official presentation of the MacOs X 10.1. The most significant of the updates launched so far by Apple for the new generation OS will arrive very soon. As mentioned by Macity on Monday, Puma is already in the Golden Master phase and will be ready according to the calendar, or for the date that was to mark the beginning of Apple Expo in Paris: half of next week.

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