Microsoft responds to Apple: the launch of the Surface Pro 4 is ready

Dropbox, a partnership with Microsoft (and an app for Windows Phone)

Soon we will be able to work on Office documents directly inside the cloud storage platform

(Photo: Getty Images)(Photo: Getty Images)

Dropbox more deeply integrated with Office: this is the purpose of the surprising partnership signed by Microsoft and Dropbox. Dropbox users using Office soon will be able to make better use of the two services, which will be integrated to be used on desktop, mobile and web.

Ok, Microsoft has its own cloud storage, and also quite convenient, but the demands of many users, including those using Office for iPad, they asked for an approach to Dropbox. Here's why the deal, which will bring Dropbox to appear among Microsoft services in Office apps.

Redmond's productivity suite will become lor standard for working with Word, Excel and PowerPoint files stored on Dropbox. And a lowering of prices is expected to make the whole thing more palatable.


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