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Drone Potensic D80 review with 2K Full HD camera

Drone Potensic D80 review with 2K Full HD camera

Drone Potensic D80

Not all drones work the same way. If you try to drive a cheap drone, you will immediately notice how difficult it is to control it due to its poor flight stability. Then there are the professional drones, easy to control but which have a high cost for amateur use. The right mediation a drone at an affordable price with the functions of a high-end device and these characteristics I found them in drone Potensic D80 with 2K camera.

The drone Potensic D80 it can be purchased directly on Amazon with the possibility to try it for 30 days and return it in case you are not fully satisfied. We tried it and in this review we tell you how the drone field test went.

Drone Potensic D80: characteristics and technical details

Drone Potensic D80 features

The Potensic D80 quadcopter a Room-drone which is delivered in a comfortable light metal case, excellent for carrying the drone around. The drone includes a camera with a resolution 2K Full HD, which allows you to make good shots and video footage in flight. In order to take advantage of the maximum room resolution, you need to enter one microSD card superior class 4 inside the drone. For, the device can also be connected to a smartphone via 5GHz Wi-Fi network and record the images directly in the memory of the iOS or Android device (the Potensic app available for all platforms). In this second mode, the shots will not be taken at maximum resolution, due to the communication distance between the camera and the smartphone. The use of a microSD greatly improves the quality of images and videos. Through the app you can also view in real time what the drone is filming. The transmission between the devices has a maximum range of 500 meters, not a little. Convenient the possibility of being able to hook the smartphone directly to the controller (supplied), so as to always have visual control of the footage taken by the drone.

Potensic d80 camera

From the point of view of design and construction, this is a drone with four powerful brushless motors (direct current electric motor). One of the strengths of brushless motors that have a longer life, require minimal maintenance and are very quiet when they are in operation. Furthermore, they allow to obtain very high speeds. The Potensic D80, in fact, can reach one maximum speed of 40 km / h. Even at high speeds, the shots taken through the camera are of good quality and are well stabilized.

NOTA: Se sei alle prime armi con i droni, il consiglio  quello di iniziare a basse velocit. Solo dopo aver fatto esperienza del funzionamento del drone, allora puoi sfruttare tutte le potenzialit dei quattro motori del drone. 

Included is a convenient controller in the package, which allows you to control the drone up to a maximum distance of 600 meters. (unless signal interference). Like all modern devices, the Potensic product also has a Dual-GPS, which allows the drone to return to the base automatically if the signal is lost or the batteries are running low.

Potensic drone controller

The battery of the Potensic D80 allows a declared continued use of approx 20 minutes, but in reality it can go up to 15 min. Usually, in the price range in which this product is placed, competitors guarantee durations of about 12-15 minutes. Working with a 7.4V 1800mAh Li-Po battery, you can purchase a backup battery and fly the drone for much more than 20 minutes. Being a modular battery, you can charge it while you fly the drone with another. Charging time can take up to 5 hours.

Flight experience

The Potensic D80 suitable for all novice users who are beginners in the use of a drone. For this reason, there is a mode called “headless mode". This means that the pilot it does not have to understand which direction the drone head is pointing and therefore manage the commands accordingly, but the controller will contextualize the positioning and direction of the drone and adjust itself accordingly to ensure an immediate flight experience.

Potensic aerial shot

Through the app it is possible to trace the path that you want the drone to travel. This allows the device to fly independently, allowing us to shoot hands-free while we can concentrate on doing other things.

Also for beginners, the landing and take-off function has been designed with a simple button. Once a specific controller button is pressed, the drone will perform the take-off phase automatically, climbing vertically up to a height of 15 meters. By pressing the button again, the drone will return to the take-off point. There hovering modeinstead, it allows the drone to remain in flight in a fixed position, which allows you to easily take photos and videos from above, without having to worry about keeping the drone in balance.


The Potensic D80 is a drone that offers highly advanced functions to the less experienced. If you are a beginner and want to learn to fly a quadcopter, the Potensic D80 may be the best solution for you. Not an entry-level product with few functions, but a mid-range product that offers many functions present on higher-end products.

drone landing

Headless mode allows you to approach drone driving with ease. On the other hand, the possibility of viewing in real time on the smartphone what is recovering with the drone camera is convenient.

If you are interested in purchasing the Potensic D80 drone you can find it directly on Amazon.