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Drive 10 the utility for hard drives under Mac OS X in Italian from Active

“Micromat, the leading manufacturer of disk repair and maintenance programs for Apple Computer Macintosh computers, and with the release of Mac OS X, provides the first disk management utility available for this operating system now translated by Active in Italian.

There are many invisible files, adjustments and parameters that the Mac OS X file system uses. Collectively they are known as Volume Structures. The Catalog and Disk Directory are part of the volume structure. Damage to them and other critical structures can result in loss or damage of data which may require having to completely reformat the medium resulting in destruction of all data.

Drive 10 can often remedy this and restore the drive to full operability in minutes. When Drive 10 finds a problem, it can build a new volume structure instead of trying to repair the old one, as other utilities do. This is the most reliable and safest method to recover data.

Although Drive 10 is a new product, it derives from the technology of TechTool Pro, the world-famous Micromat diagnostic program. Using TechTool's most tested routines, in addition to the new ones made specifically for Mac OS X, Drive 10 offers tools for checking and repairing any drive in the system.

Drive 10 also able to perform the important disk defragmentation operation. A fragmented disk significantly slows down the performance of a computer. Thanks to Drive 10 it will be possible to restore the performance to the original values

Drive 10 has a sales price of € 69.95 + VAT.

TechTool pro available from Active in the English version. A localized version will be made available when the upcoming version for Mac OS X is released. Further information is available from the Active Software website.