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Draw on iPhone and touch with iDoodle2

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Draw on iPhone and touch with iDoodle2 logomacitynet1200wide 1

To start drawing on iPhone and touch let's forget about paid applications and let's take a look at iDoodle2 in Lite version, completely free. Once launched, a full-bodied menu appears: we choose New Doodle, we press the OK button, we choose a color for the background and finally the Done button. The program is in English but you don't need to be a native speaker to master all the available drawing tools. In reality there are not many in the lite version but more than enough to start. When we draw freehand it is possible to choose the color and size of the stroke, the same goes when we select the tools Pen, Line, Blob (to create closed shapes with an irregular shape) Rectangle Oval and Eraser. Thanks to these it is possible to draw perfectly straight lines by positioning the finger on the screen and, without lifting it, moving in the desired direction.

To erase the stroke or the shape just drawn, simply tilt the iPhone quickly to the left and then bring it back to the initial position. Vice versa, to restore the last modification, simply tilt the pocket to the right and then immediately bring it back into position. Brilliant and free to try without reservations: iDoodle2 Lite version available starting from this link. Finally, remember that the full version of iDoodle2, available from here at a price of 2.39 euros, integrates several other interesting functions. It allows you to draw and enter text by hand by superimposing them on the images and photos stored on the iPhone and touch, selecting the color directly from the drawing, deleting tool with choice of opacity and stroke, finally resolves some stability bugs. Recommended for all users of Apple pocket books with a creative spirit and also for those with children in the family.

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