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Download music from Youtube on Android: Mp3 Video Converter and Tubemate

Scaricare musica da Youtube su Android Mp3 Video Converter e Tubemate

The current state, Youtube represents a mine of music video, so much so that more and more internet users prefer to listen to theirs songs you prefer streaming, on the Google video sharing portal, rather than downloading them, going to occupy memory space. Just think that the Youtube music channel can count on almost 88 million subscribers. If for, you want to extract thereaudio from Youtube video to store it in mp3 format on your Android device, you can do it without problems, as long as you resort to a third-party app. In this regard, with today's guide we will see how download music from Youtube on Android with Mp3 Video Converter, application of the music and audio category, released on the Google Play Store by Springwalk, is TubeMate which was removed from the Play Store. How should you regulate yourself?

UPDATE: find here the updated article of the best program to download music for free

Before installing Tubemate, enable your Android smartphone or tablet to install the file.apk outside the Google Play Store. Open the menu and go up Settings and then on Safety and from there select Unknown origins and then Ok. Afterwards, download the MP3 Video Converter application (6.3 M) for free from the Play Store and install it on the device (requiring Android 2.2 or later, also compatible with older models).

Now download TubeMate from this link and click on Install App. Immediately afterwards, transfer the file to your device's memory and perform the installation. After that, start the application for download music from Youtube on Android.

Starts MP3 Video Converter and start searching for the video from which you want to extract the audio track by clicking on the button located next to the item What to watch. Select the video you like and download it by pressing the green arrow, located at the top right.

Download music from Youtube to Android Mp3 Video Converter

The moment a new window appears, all you need to do to download music from Youtube on Android is to select the item AUDIO(MP3, 128K) and press the download button first and then the confirmation button. In this way, you will have started the download with the consequent conversion of the video into audio. The timing goes around the minute. You can monitor the download status through the appropriate notification bar.

Conclusions: if downloading music on your pc is very simple, on Android the alternatives are much less, given that Google has removed a large number of applications that allowed you to download videos from Youtube for the simple fact that the aforementioned action involves the violation of the guidelines of the Colossus of Mountain View. However, extracting audio from video is not the same and, in this respect, Mp3 Video Converter is TubeMate they do their job very well.

Ps: we have published the procedure in question for informational purposes only, given that in the download phase you must ensure that you are downloading only the songs not covered by copyright.

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