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Down the cliff

Down from the cliff

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It was really a day to forget that yesterday for Apple on Wall Street. The title of the house of the Apple has in fact suffered one of the worst setbacks in recent months, losing almost 10% during the session. Apple was one of the most illustrious victims of the Nasdaq but was in good company. The actions of Gateway, Dell, IBM and HP have already gone with AAPL. Compaq was not saved from the downward trend (although in this case the decline was less sensitive), to close a really bleak picture for hardware manufacturers. In practice, all the major players in the market have gone on to peaks.The decline in the stock market, according to some observers, would be mainly due to the data distributed yesterday by the two analytical companies, IDC and Dataquest, according to which CPU sales have slowed down in the past months and will not respect the forecasts made in the last quarter. The comments of those who underlined that the negative data with respect to last year are distorted by the boom of free PCs and low-cost PCs that made a significant impact on 1999 data were of little importance. As for Apple, more than others affected by the bad Wall Street day, there could also be causes behind the fall. Probably a certain lack of confidence in the ability of the Cupertino company to maintain the pace of sales in the past 18 months is insinuating, a doubt that arises on the basis of some analyzes that consider the thrust that will be imposed by the products of the newly terminated insufficient MacWorld Expo, this despite a series of analysts in recent days has upgraded the AAPL title. On the subject Macity is preparing an article that will be published as soon as possible on our pages.

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