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Doubts about the Consumer Report antenna test

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Doubts about the Consumer Report antenna test –

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Despite the use of professional equipment and the use of engineers, the iPhone 4 test performed by Consumer Reports is not a reliable scientific test. This is what Bob Egan, an experienced radio engineer who has worked for years on problems and tests in the field of radio transmission, reveals.

"To carry out a scientific test, the iPhone should be placed on a non-metallic pedestal inside an anechoic chamber," says Egan, referring to the special chamber with an internal environment not influenced by external electromagnetic fields. Egan continues "Even the base station simulator should have been positioned outside the chamber with a calibrated and shielded antenna conducted inside the chamber."

In his personal blog Egan highlights all the assumptions, conditions and also the methods of the test carried out by Consumer Reports, illustrating their weak points and in fact criticizing their scientific validity. The radio engineer declares that despite the apparent scientific and professionalism, the Consumer Reports test is not worth much more than the numerous field tests or non-scientific tests carried out by numerous newspapers and blogs on the iPhone 4. In particular, all these tests, including that of Consumer Reports, do not allow according to Egan to pinpoint exactly the problem.

"I also don't know which part of the problem lies with Apple and which part linked to the AT&T network" the radio engineer lists the fundamental information that no test has provided so far – "We do not know if the observed effect is or is not similar to that of other devices. " Still "We do not even know if placing a finger on the separation point of the antennas leads to detune the antenna or if the receiver is detuned" finally Egan concludes that all this information is not known even to Consumer Reports.

In his targeted intervention Egan specifies that he does not intend to declare that iPhone 4 is not subject to a hardware or software problem: in order to ascertain its existence, tests and tests carried out scientifically are required, this in essence what the radio engineer suggests to do. A message also addressed to Apple who, again according to Egan, already at this point knows the answers. At the end of his post Egan declares that the article was written in a car stop on the way back from work using an iPhone 4. The engineer claims to have bought 3 new iPhones, it is not clear whether to run tests or more likely for him and his family. Finally Egan proposes himself to Jobs and Apple as a tester: if Cupertino were available to send him some other iPhone 4, Egan would communicate the test results in one day. A phrase that seems to point the finger at Apple's long response times on the issue and on a certain reticence that afflicts Cupertino when it comes to dealing with problems like the one in progress.

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