DOOGEE Shoot 2 review, entry-level with dual camera

DOOGEE Shoot 2 review, entry-level with dual camera

In recent years, the smartphone market has offered very high performance devices at an affordable price. With an amount of 100 you can buy several convincing smartphones both in terms of battery and display quality. I am aware that many people do not need to use many of the features that 2017 smartphones have to offer, wishing to fall below the 100 mark. review DOOGEE Shoot 2 it is presented just by highlighting these characteristics.

Until ten years ago it was possible to buy Nokia smartphones from 20, but on these devices it is not possible to install apps like WhatsApp, which are essential today to communicate. There are few smartphone manufacturing companies that produce devices with a very low price and that guarantee at least the basic and indispensable functions in 2017. In this review I would like to talk to you about DOOGEE Shoot 2, a smartphone proposed by the company for the price of $ 70. The technical equipment is sufficient for basic use but there are some interesting features like the dual camera, the fingerprint reader and the presence of Android Nougat 7.0.DOOGEE Shoot 2 review 8If you need to buy a smartphone with a very low price for basic use such as calls and messaging, then I suggest you continue reading this article. I will try to highlight the pros and cons of this solution, evaluating whether it is worthwhile to rely on the purchase of this product or better spend something more for a more valid product.

DOOGEE Shoot 2 Review: entry-level device

Design and sales package

The DOOGEE Shoot 2 essential sales package. In addition to the smartphone, the company only includes a USB-microUSB cable and a standard 5V / 1A charger. Turning to the smartphone object of this review, this comes with a design very similar to that offered by Samsung on its devices a few years ago. On the front there is a large 5-inch display with HD resolution.

Above, next to the ear capsule we find a 5MP camera, while in the lower part there is a physical home button that also integrates a fingerprint reader. The button has an oval shape, which is very similar to the physical button on Samsung Galaxy S6, for example. On both sides of the physical key there are two soft-touch keys to be used in the interface to go back, or to open multitasking. DOOGEE Shoot 2 Review 7The volume keys and the Power key are all located on the right side, leaving the left one completely free. Above, the company has decided to place the microUSB input for recharging and the 3.5mm jack for headphones. A USB Type-C input would have been more convenient, since all companies are converging towards this solution. Also, I noticed how many microUSB cables I own, find it hard to lock on to this smartphone's door, finding myself with the device unplugged after putting it in charge overnight. I therefore recommend using the cable supplied, which eliminates this problem.

At the bottom there is the system microphone and the speaker, while on the rear side it has only a dual camera, with both 5MP lenses. The two SIM cards and the microSD can be inserted by lifting the backcover, which also shows the 3360mAh battery which cannot be removed.Review DOOGEE Shoot 2 6

The side frame made entirely of plastic, while the back cover has the central part in aluminum and the outer part also in plastic. At the sight does not give the impression of being a cheap smartphone. taking it in hand that you can notice small imperfections, like the side plastic that, at least in my model, creaks in the upper part of the device. The front is entirely black while the backcover is available in gold, silver and black colors.

Hardware features

The DOOGEE Shoot 2 hardware is very basic. The processor used the Mediatek MT6580A with 1.3GHz Cortex-A7 architecture. The GPU instead the Mali-400, a new graphics processor, able to provide basic support for 2D and 3D graphics. As for the RAM, the model under test makes 1GB available, with 8GB of internal memory.

also available on the market a model with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of integrated memory, preferable to the first model mentioned. The non-removable battery and a 3360mAh unit. On the connectivity side, there is no compatibility with 4G networks but only support for 2G and 3G. Bluetooth 4.0 instead


The company has decided to use a unit of 5 on the DOOGEE Shoot 2. The IPS technology has a HD resolution, with a pixel density of 294dpi. The choice dictated both by the desire to keep production costs low but also to guarantee a longer battery life. A lower resolution puts the smartphone under less stress, with the consequence that the processor and GPU heat up less and do not weigh on the battery of the smartphone. Lack of brilliance, but colors are not altered when viewed from the side. The resolution, however, is sufficient to guarantee good web browsing, as the writings are not grainy and the images are well reproduced.Review DOOGEE Shoot 2 5The brightness sensor is present, but often it is necessary to manually manage the brightness of the display, setting it to the maximum in external mode to contrast the sun's rays and about half in indoor environments, in order to use the smartphone without problems. Even at maximum brightness, however, it is very difficult to use the smartphone on the outside in direct sunlight.

I enjoyed the night mode, which makes the whites warmer for less fatigue during the night. Too bad that this mode must be enabled manually when you want to use it. I also point out that it is possible to manage the various panel parameters using the Miravision settings. In this way, each user can adjust it according to their personal tastes.


very difficult to talk about the performance of a smartphone with these features. a device designed primarily for making calls and sending messages. In daily use, various blocks or frame rate losses are often noticed. When you turn on your smartphone by performing the entire startup phase, you need to wait a few minutes before the entire interface is loaded.

After the boot phase, the interface becomes a bit more fluid and operations such as web browsing, or the use of messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram, can be performed without any kind of problem. Unless you visit very heavy websites, Google Chrome allows a fluid view of the pages, with some blocks during scrolling or interaction with the sites. The general feeling of waiting anyway. One must not be in a hurry to complete the operations. With this awareness, there are no particular problems in the basic operations.DOOGEE Shoot 2 Review 4Certainly the DOOGEE Shoot 2 not designed to play heavy games like Real Racing, which take a few minutes just to get to the main menu of the game. Despite this, I managed to play a game without particular problems, being able to take advantage of the game's ability to adapt to smartphone performance. Other games, on the other hand, suffer more from the low performance of the processor and graphics card, making the user experience unpleasant.

For social use, instead, I recommend the installation of Facebook Lite, an official version of Facebook designed primarily for entry-level smartphones like this DOOGEE Shoot 2. To avoid overloading the device, I recommend installing only the indispensable apps. This keeps the smartphone leaner and free from unnecessary processes that could slow it down more.Review DOOGEE Shoot 2 3I appreciated the inclusion of a fingerprint sensor on the front instead of on the back, as often happens with Android smartphones. Although the company promises a 360-degree impression, I have noticed that often, using it with the finger perpendicular to the key, more attempts were needed to recognize the footprint. The success rate grows if you place your finger vertically instead. Unlocking takes place in a couple of seconds.

Operating system

The positive note of the operating system is the presence of Android in its latest version Nougat 7.0. The smartphone approved by Google, so there are all the apps of the well-known search engine, in addition to various services such as Play Store and Google Now. There are few changes to the system interface. Among them I point out the use of a new set of icons that I didn't particularly appreciate. DOOGEE has mainly focused on inserting services that could be useful to the end user, trying not to unnecessarily burden the system.

In addition to the aforementioned night mode, in the settings you can access a series of useful functions such as Parallel Space, for managing multiple accounts in apps like WhatsApp or Facebook, or DuraSpeed, to speed up the execution of apps, limiting the activity in the background of many applications. This mode could block notifications of apps like WhatsApp or Gmail, but through the settings you can select the apps you want to work in the background without blocking notifications.DOOGEE Shoot 2 2 ReviewAlso present all the features of the new Android Nougat, such as the Dual Screen mode, which allows the execution of two apps on the screen simultaneously. Performance will not be exceptional, but you can still use it for daily operations. Gestures have also been introduced to perform certain operations quickly, such as switching on the device display.


DOOGEE Shoot 2 not designed for multimedia use. The audio output from the loudspeaker, although high, turns out to be very muffled and flat. Listening to music or watching videos is certainly affected in negative, so it is advisable to use headphones for a more enveloping listening.

Good audio output from the earpiece used during calls, although the volume is slightly low and some people may find it difficult to make calls in noisy environments. The microphone, however, clear and clear and the interlocutors have always confirmed to me to feel very good.


During the product sponsorship phase, DOOGEE focused heavily on the Shoot 2 camera. Among the advertised features we certainly find the Bokeh function exploitable thanks to the presence of the dual camera. there is also the possibility of taking black and white shots, in addition to the classic features of panning and facial beauty.DOOGEE Shoot 2 Review 1On the field the results are not satisfactory. Even in the presence of good brightness, the photos present few details and many points of the image turn out to be blurred. Performance improves with macros, but a bit of zoom is enough to shell the photo. The Bokeh effect is instead more convincing than that offered by other entry-level smartphones, but not at all comparable to that of medium-high-end smartphones.

Ultimately, the camera can be used to share photos on WhatsApp on the fly but not at the height of photos to be taken and then be able to review them later on the PC. Slow speed of focusing and shooting, both with lots of light but also and especially in poorly lit environments.


The battery is one of the strengths of this smartphone. Having to power a processor and a low-performance GPU, in addition to a 5 HD display, the 3360mAh unit can guarantee a use of at least a day, reaching almost two full days depending on the use of the smartphone. Moreover, this type of device has been designed for basic use and a battery with this capacity is never put under stress.


In the review DOOGEE Shoot 2 looks like a smartphone designed for a very basic use. Who buys it aware of being able to mainly make calls and send messages on WhatsApp or similar apps. More complex operations highlight the limitations of this processor and the graphics card.

DOOGEE Shoot 2 is offered at a price of $ 70 to be able to buy on the major international stores. I certainly recommend it to all those people who need a smartphone for basic use, such as making calls, sending messages and doing internet research.