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Donald Trump extends the ban that blocks Huawei and ZTE in the USA

The White House urges Apple suppliers - TSMC and Intel - to manufacture in the USA

Before Coronavirus some signs of détente between the USA and China had been seen, but with the pandemic the tensions between the two superpowers have intensified: it is not surprising that the Trump administration has prolonged blockades and bans against Huawei and other Chinese IT giants, including ZTE until 2021.

Recall that the tensions between the United States and the giants of Chinese technology date back to several years ago: in 2017 a large fine had arrived at ZTE for selling Made in the USA technologies to Iran and Korea, for a fine of just under a billion dollars . Tensions peaked in May 2018 when the first ban on a Chinese IT giant prevented ZTE from doing business in the USA.

This prevents not only the sale of cellular phones and network equipment in the US, but also the purchase of US hardware and software. A block that therefore prevents the use of Qualcomm chips and processors designed in the USA, as well as obtaining a license to Google and all its ecosystem of digital store, Google apps and services.

trump bando huawei 2021

Subsequently, Huawei's total ban in the USA, signed by President Trump in May of last year, made even more sensation. The Chinese multinational, which in the meantime has become the second largest smartphone maker in the world, seems to have managed to survive quite well despite the very heavy limitations. To replace chips and processors Qualcomm and other US companies has extended the use of proprietary processors and components from other companies.

To overcome the ban on licenses with Google, he used free versions of Android, creating a proprietary digital store for apps, inviting developers to create apps dedicated to the Huawei ecosystem, even with substantial funding. Meanwhile, Huawei continues to work and develop its alternative operating system, not only for smartphones, but also for computers, smart TVs, connected and indomitable devices and more.

With Trump's extension of the ban against Huawei, ZTE and other Chinese giants until 2021, reported by Reuters, the current situation is destined to continue further. Difficult to predict the long-term consequences in the field of smartphones, network equipment, including new 5G systems.

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