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Does The Matrix become a game, even for Mac?

In concurrence with the launch of the two new films of the Matrix series (The Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions), the first expected game inspired by the film starring Keanu Reeves will also hit the market. The Wachowski brothers, who are the creators and directors of the film, realize and take care of the title.

The news that the work for a computer version of Matrix with which to experience the journey in the world made popular by a film that has now started and is well underway (release date scheduled for May 16, a few days after the presentation of the film ) Hollywood Reporter. According to the newspaper, the Wachowski brothers are very interested in the game to the point of shuttling between the Matrix editing room and the laboratories of those who are working on programming.

The game will not be a repeat of the film, sources say, rather it will be an extension of the film with an extension and development of the story. The same Wachowski wrote the plot of the game creating a 600-page script. "They want to make Entering The Matrix (this is the title of the NDR game) stand as revolutionary to the gaming world as film is to the state of the cinema"

The graphics will be exceptional, the attention to detail equally high. For the animations almost universal use was made of motion capture which provides great fluidity to the movements.

The most interesting news for the Mac world that Entering The Matrix is ​​developed by Shiny, a company part of the constellation of Infogrames who recently sold MacSoft to Destineer with the proviso that Destineer herself can draw at her discretion from the Infogrames game catalog for choose the ones to bring to Mac.

The chances of seeing a Mac version of Entering The Matrix under the MacSoft brand are, therefore, quite high.

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