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Does Google study iPhone advertising?

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Does Google study iPhone advertising? logomacitynet1200wide 1

According to the rumors circulating on the Web during these meetings, Google would have previewed new targeted tools for iPhone, useful for companies that want to specifically reach users of the Apple pocket book. The new Google solutions for iPhone would be able to offer new functions, for example allow you to view a link to activate a telephone call to book flights with an airline, alongside the results of a search. Furthermore, always starting from the results of a search, it would be possible to inform the user of the existence of a website built specifically for the iPhone to book a hotel or other service.

The operation of the new Google tools would thus take advantage of iPhone's advanced web access and navigation functions: these are provided to the terminal directly by the server which immediately detects the type of browser used.

Unlike most of the pocket terminals seen until its advent, Web browsing with iPhone allows you to view the original Web pages and not lightened or special versions created specifically for small screens and limited resources of pre-iPhone smartphones.

Although there are currently no official confirmations, Google has always expressed interest in offering new and more powerful advertising tools made specifically for iPhone. From what we learn from the rumors published on ADWeek we will soon see the new advertising tools designed by Google directly on the iPhone screens.

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