Batteria portatile Dodocool 20100 mAh

Dodocool 20100 mAh portable battery for MacBook and notebook

Dodocool 20100 mAh portable battery

Have you wondered how to ensure greater autonomy when you are out of the office? Now the work continues even when we are traveling, taking our laptop with us in addition to the smartphone and tablet. I'm sure you are looking for a battery that can guarantee you adequate power to support the charge of your MacBook or laptop, without the risk of seeing it turn off on the most beautiful. The battery I want to talk to you about, answers these needs comprehensively. There Dodocool 20100 mAh portable batteryit has a high charging capacity and universal compatibility for smartphones, tablets and notebooks.

Dodocool 20100 mAh portable battery

The Dodocool 20100 mAh battery with 45W USB-C PD is supplied with a 45-watt USB-C PD charging port and two standard USB charging ports. With this battery you can charge up to three devices simultaneously, even a USB-C device via the same USB Type-C port as the MacBook Pro. With the Power Delivery (PD) function, the USB Type-C port can provide up to 45W of power to notebooks with PD-enabled USB-C port. The Power Delivery system can deliver greater amounts of power to the most demanding devices. This has two advantages: faster charging and more power for the devices.

Dodocool battery 20100 mah

With the Dodocool 20100 mAh portable battery it is also possible to charge up to two devices powered by USB charging ports. The compact battery design allows you to take it with you anywhere with little bulk.

Features of the Dodocool 20100 mAh portable battery

The Dodocool battery has a very high capacity up to 20100 mAh and allows you to recharge most USB-powered devices several times. Charge up to 2 USB-A devices and 1 USB-C device simultaneously.

Dodocool battery pack

Another interesting aspect that recharges a USB-C device such as the MacBook or other USB-C devices enabled for Power Delivery at the maximum allowed charging speed, up to 45W. Using a Power Delivery-enabled USB-C charger, you can fully charge this product in about 3 hours (up to 6.5 times faster than a standard 1A charger).

The only negative aspect is the lack of the power supply. The USB-C charger is sold separately, so you can't find it in the package. In the present box: 1 * dodocool 20100 mAh Power Bank with 45W USB-C PD1 * micro-USB to USB1 charging cable * USB-C to USB-C1 charging cable * instruction manual Italian

If you want to buy the charger suitable for this battery, you can do it from the link below. The cWall Type-C adapter adapter recommended also produced by dodocool with 45W power supply suitable for Power Delivery.

Smart charging could not be missing. On the battery provided the Smart AIQ technology that intelligently detects the connected device and provides it with the optimal current. The maximum 2.4 A USB-A output port. The other important aspect for a battery is security. This from Dodocool built with premium integrated circuits and provides overheating protection, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection and overload protection that protect you and your devices.

What to do to start charging your device with the Dodocool 20100 mAh battery? The device, even if with many functions, is easy to use. Remember to purchase a Type-C charger that supports Power Delivery. Once purchased, you have to charge it completely, until the four LEDs are completely lit. The battery automatically begins to supply power when a device is connected. The 4 LED indicators let you know the exact battery level at a glance. It turns off automatically after disconnecting the devices for about 15 seconds.

Dodocool battery doors


We have already said, the battery, despite being of large capacity, compact, with a clean and easily portable design. This was possible thanks to some measures adopted. High-density lithium cells and aerodynamic aluminum alloy housing make it ultra-compact, portable and durable.

If the Dodocool portable battery 20100 mAh has convinced you and you want to buy it, you can do it on Amazon at the following link.