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Do you want to taste it? logomacitynet1200wide 1

From today Microsoft will offer a trial version of Word for MacOs X. The news leaked in the context of an article published yesterday by C / Net according to which the package will be freely downloadable from the Redmond sites. The decision comes in coincidence, with a clever comarketing move, with the release of MacOs X 10.1. According to Internet sources, in fact, Word-X (this should be the exact name) will only work if Puma is used which should push users even further towards the update. At the same time, Microsoft will be able to benefit from a number, predictably very large, of customers who want to test a new written application based specifically on the update. From what we learn, the Word-X "test drive" will not be complete with all the features that will be available to those who purchase the new version of Office for MacOs X. It is also foreseeable that there may be a deadline beyond which the application will stop working. Despite this, the news is certainly important because it will allow a large number of users to use an important application in the professional world, but also among simple users who use the Mac to write, such as Word. We remember that Office Mac v. X, the native version of Office for MacOs X, which will also include Word, is expected to go on sale starting in November. As already clarified by Macity there will be no Italian versions.

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